Just for fun

Flashcards for an uncompleted (logistics) video, done for an ABC Entertainment competition to have Home movie (and special guests) come to your home town. In the USA. Anyhoo… #ZOMGiHeartRiRi

Not sure this will work so bear with me – still IT impaired over here.


So I’m in London, England… but


And the film looks awesome too – aliens indeed!

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

fights for all humans to have equality and human rights, in an age of savage austerity and demonisation of the poor and/or disabled and/or working class in this country.

We struggle against discrimination, stigma and scapegoating.

We have:

  • stopped traffic
  • tweeted
  • occupied buildings
  • documented and promulgated
  • camped on Parliament Square
  • worked with comrades and allies
  • built bridges across the Atlantic & beyond

Frankly we deserve (and feel entitled to):

  • a break and a bit of a laff
  • a hand with building those bridges and growing our band of allies
  • a new government (oops, bit of politics)

Wanna help?


Make an exception, come to London Imax for us please.

Or can we at least get a retweet?



Anyway we will continue to fight for








#notjustbreadbutrosestoo (attribution: Rose Schneiderman)







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